RNM: Satellite Technology Used to Control Your Mind

Enhanced satellite surveillance and control systems have been deployed around the world under the guise of “terrorist suppression” and are currently being used against common citizens in an effort to eliminate opposition to the Illuminati banking cartel and their destruction of our civil liberties.

Countries involved in these programs include the USA, UK, Spain, Germany and France. The National Security Agency (NSA) of the United States has developed extremely efficient ways to control the human brain using this technology (Domestic Surveillance and Mind Control Technology?). Remote Neural Monitoring (RNM) was sold to public funding agencies under the cover of “revolutionizing crime detection and investigation”.

Remote Neural Monitoring

RNM works by remotely accessing the brain in order to detect and decipher any thought taking place inside the human mind. Research studies have demonstrated that the human mind thinks at a rate of approximately 5,000 bits per second. This rate of thought is eclipsed by the capacity of supercomputers which compute at a rate of many trillions of cycles per second. RNM systems have been deployed via satellite relay and utilize biotelemetry tracking of any human brain by way of the brain’s distinctive system set of bioelectric resonances. Supercomputers can then send messages through a person’s nervous system in order to influence their performance in a desired manner.

RNM has been developed through approximately 50 years of neuro-electromagnetic research on involuntary human subjects. DNA microchips have been placed in approximately 20 million Americans that circulate in the bloodstream and become lodged in the brain. This renders them subject to manipulation and control. Additionally, an implanted person can be “walked” while sleeping without their knowledge or consent. This is a frightening technology that is being used by some of the most ruthless and immoral agencies on the planet which are in turn controlled by the Illuminati banking cartel.

With RNM technology it is possible to read and control a person’s emotional thought processes along with their subconscious and dreams. At present, around the world, supercomputers are monitoring millions of people simultaneously at the speed of many billion of bits per second especially in countries such as USA, Japan, Israel and many European nations.

These satellites utilize electromagnetic frequencies (EMF) to cause brain stimulation and create an electronic brain link (EBL). EMF brain stimulation has been under development since the MKUltra program of the 1950′s. The resulting secret technology is categorized at the National Security Archives as “Radiation Intelligence”. This computer-generated brain mapping can constantly monitor all electrical activity in the brain. Computers then record this data on massive storage and retrieval systems that filter and analyze people’s thoughts. These systems decode individual brain maps and translate thoughts into textual processing systems which conduct further analysis .

Computer analysis then proceeds in an upward, layered progression with higher layers being used for meta coordination and social management. Individuals are then managed within a complex community system that encompasses specific relationship networks spanning geographic parameters (where they live), family connections, working environments and social networks.

Using complex artificial intelligence algorithms developed using genetic algorithms and other AI technologies, pressure or assistance can then be placed upon or given to an individual in a coordinated and systematic manner. For example, an individual can suddenly become the subject of seemingly random harassment and abuse at work by coworkers who are subconsciously manipulated by this system. Neither the victim nor the perpetrator are able to locate the source of this manipulation. This might be as a result of the victim having attended a political rally not consistent with the banking establishment’s viewpoint. Complaining about this systematic abuse leads to further victimization as the police and mental health professionals are all subject to this same control system.

As previously stated it is estimated that 20 million Americans, nearly 8% of the US population, has already been exposed to the DNA brain microchips required to assume a high degree of control of an individual’s thoughts, feelings and actions. These nanites have been delivered through numerous methods including injection, vaccination, and ingestion with liquids – with new, airborne and biological delivery methods currently under development. Life for these individuals can become very difficult and debilitating especially in light of recent, more powerful satellite deployments that began occurring at the end of 2010.

RNM control also consists of the installation of “Alter Systems”, an MKUltra program term meaning the use of a system of individual personalities active within a victim to gain control of a person’s mind. People who are already victims of traditional mind control through trauma conditioning during infancy receive an extra dose of hell through the use of electronic alters or robots that further assume control of a victim of this traditional mind control system if they attempt to break their conditioning, refuse to carry out orders or choose to share secrets.

How does RNM work?

For the purposes of electronic detection, electrical activity in the speech center of the brain is translated into verbal thoughts. RNM can then send encoded signals back into the auditory cortex of the brain, bypassing the ears. This encoding detects audio communication. Received signals are perceived as sounds without a sense of source or origin. RNM can also perform electrical mapping of the brain’s activity in the visual center of the brain. This is done by bypassing the eyes and optic nerves. These digitized electrical patterns can then be detected as with the auditory cortex and converted into compressed video data.

The EMF emissions from the brain can be decoded into current thoughts, images and sounds in the subject’s brain. Furthermore, the system sends back complex codes and electromagnetic pulse signals to actually activate evoked potentials inside the brain, thus generating sounds and visual images in the neural circuits. With its speech, auditory and visual communication systems, RNM allows for a complete audio-visual brain to brain link or a brain-to-computer link of an individual.

Of course, the mechanism needs to properly decode the resonance frequency of each specific site in the brain to modulate the insertion of information into that specific location. RNM detects hearing via electromagnetic microwaves, and transmits specific commands into the subconscious, producing visual disturbances, visual hallucinations and the injection of words and numbers into the brain through electromagnetic radiation waves. Additionally, the subject is further manipulated by way of emotions and thoughts, some by causing pain to specific nerves in the body. This allows for remote manipulation and programming of the person’s behavior and control of one’s sleep patterns. This makes control over the individual easier.

Command and control of the data implanted into the brain and thought management is conducted using centralized super-computer clusters, running a version of the UNIX operating. A duplicate model of the subjects brain is created remotely and the evoked potentials are both copied and generated onto the duplicate. This detailed model is constantly broadcast into the subject’s head using a high technology EMF transmission system. It has been speculated that scalar energy has been put to use for this purpose. Scalar energy was discovered by Tesla in the 19th century and, unlike EMF is not stopped by solid objects. EMF placement is managed through a system of two or more nearby satellites. Tracking of the individual as they move is maintained by both emitted potentials from the subject (electronic body signature) as well as thought monitoring and movement which uses thoughts to instantaneously predict direction of movement. This is necessary to “stay on the subject” as they move about. A subject can be “found” within a building by way of moving the intersecting beam point about in the interior space, conducting a sweep until the matching signature potentials are located within the cranium of the target.

The logical software construct that is used to manage tracking is called a robot. An EMF robot consists of a unique personality and a telemetry management system. With the intersecting beams in place the subject has the experience of having a person placed “on top” of their mind. This is similar to the effect experienced by MPD victims of having multiple personalities overlayed with the dominate personality. However, the experience is less than natural and feels electronic and forced. This creates a sense of unease and discomfort in the person experiencing the broadcast.

“Thought pushing” is a term used to denote a form of manipulation of the individual’s thoughts and corresponding actions. This occurs by simultaneously implanting a subconscious suggestion and erasing the current intention which is maintained through mental effort within the speech center. This results in the subject forgetting what they were about to do, coupled with a new suggestion which is then more readily accepted. This creates the effect of instantaneously shifting an individuals intention from what they were about to do. Intention can be defined as an electrical pattern existing in a specific location of the brain requiring mental effort in order to maintain. The act of constantly shifting an individual’s activities can lead to being unable to complete everyday tasks such as cooking a meal, working one’s job, or preparing to leave one’s home.

Some targets are subjected to verbal attack and manipulation by this system. A direct verbal command can be issued to the individual and behavior modification can be applied through the use of pain or verbal assault. Pain generation in different parts of the body is occasionally utilized, including intense headaches, painful electrical impulses, high-speed, random thoughts and images and well as very disquieting verbal harassments (this technology was used in the Gulf War to great effect to induce the coordinated surrender of thousands of Iraqi soldiers as detailed in this article.) The subject can also be lead in circles by way of thought pushing and constantly erasing the contents of one’s speech center. This can lead to confusion, unproductivity, frustration and despair.

Other forms of harassment involve playing complex, long-running programs on the individual that create dream-like fantasies that include moments of humor, humiliation, excitement, fear and grief. These programs can be extremely distracting and can last anywhere from a few minutes to several days. This also leads to false assumptions by friends and coworkers about the target’s sanity. Finally, thought echoing involves broadcasting one’s own thoughts into the audio cortex. Distraction and discomfort can be increased by using higher volume levels and voices of individuals not belonging to the target. Using random delays when echoing thoughts can be very distracting, making it difficult for the target to concentrate.

Technologies for Controlling the Human Mind

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